Sacramento Performing Arts Conservatory

Expressive Arts Therapy Programs

Expressive Arts Therapists—including Art Therapists, Music Therapists, and Theater Arts Therapists are trained to assist patients and families in building creative coping skills, exploring the thoughts and feelings related to hospitalization and illness, and utilizing the arts for exploration and self-expression.

As part of SPAC’s programs, our Expressive Arts Therapists are an integrated part of the treatment team.  Any clinician from our partnered hospital can order art or music therapy for his patient with the touch of a button in their electronic medical chart. We are also very proud to be a premier clinical training site for students in the Expressive Arts Therapy fields. We also conduct clinical research approved by our Internal Review Board and in accordance with our Human Subjects Protection Program in order to quantify our clinical outcomes and impact on patient care.

Program Aims

Our clinical goals in using expressive arts therapy for our patients are to:

  • Assist patients and families in expressing and exploring their thoughts and feelings related to illness and hospitalization.
  • Encourage creative coping strategies for patients and families.
  • Integrate into the hospital’s interdisciplinary treatment team by setting and achieving treatment goals.

Other goals of the program include a desire to: 

  • Instill long-term appreciation for the arts. 
  • Normalize the hospital environment and facilitate relief for patients and families by providing entertaining, recreational, and educational art experiences.
  • Provide opportunities for our staff to share their gifts and talents in the hospital.

Contact person:

Ms. Clara Litman

(916) 308-2307