School of Lutherie

The three-year program is divided into nine 14-week trimesters for a total of 126 weeks (3,780 class hours). Class days are Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Students work with the instructors on an individual and/or small group basis; most instruction is given through demonstration. The program's focus is on construction of instruments in the violin family. A minimum of seven instruments are built in the three years; of these, three must be violins and one must be a viola. The remaining three instruments are the student's choice, with instructor approval. The building of a cello is optional.

Bi-weekly, half-hour individual violin lessons and large ensemble are required, and are an important aspect of the program. Previous playing experience, while helpful, is not required for admission. Each student compiles a construction notebook from notes taken during demonstrations and lectures. Using diagrams, drawings, and written notes, this notebook becomes the student's bench manual in which revisions and additions will be made throughout the three years. The completed notebook is a requirement for graduation and will be presented with the student's work at the graduation program.

Technical drawing is incorporated regularly into each trimester schedule. Students will complete at least two technical drawings, one of which will be made during the six-week graduation testing period. The theory of sound production and violin design is incorporated into the construction learning process. Students are given opportunities through tours and visiting lecturers to see and hear violins made by old and modern masters. Required reading in history and identification is supplemented by lectures and discussions

First Year - Beginning in the first trimester with construction of one violin body, students will learn preparation and proper use of hand tools and will learn and execute the given sequence of steps in violin construction. A mechanical drawing will be started and bi-weekly violin lessons will begin. After completion of the first violin body, two more bodies using different classical models will be built. The student will begin his/her construction notebook and will keep a daily log recording work completed.

Second Year - Students will complete scrolls and neck sets for the three violins built in the first year. Theory and application of varnish will be studied and the three violins are varnished. Set-up will be studied and completed on all finished instruments. A viola should be completed. Students will continue to add to and refine their notebooks. Violin lessons, mechanical drawing, history, and related lectures will continue.

Third Year - A fifth instrument of the student's choice will be completed. Construction of the sixth instrument will begin. Basic repair techniques will be studied; students may have the option to study more advanced repair. Violin lessons, mechanical drawing, history, and related lectures will continue.

Final Trimester - Students will prepare for the final exam, completing instrument(s) as required. The graduation exam takes place in the final six weeks of the trimester and includes building one instrument in the white, varnishing another, set-up, mechanical drawing, and written tests.