Scholarship Recipient Profiles

SPAC has made a difference in hundreds of schools in the Sacramento greater regions, with music educators and private teachers, and over 2500 students. SPAC hosts workshops, provide myriad types of support to educators and private teachers, as well as instruments and other musical equipment to students and schools. Into the future, SPAC will continue to work diligently to make a positive impact in the Sacramento community.   Below is one of the examples of those efforts:

October 2019 Scholarship Recipient:

Recipient:  Kayan Johnson, student

Project:  New violin and private lessons  

Details:  As an 11th grader Kayan had reached the point where he was being held back by the sub-standard instrument he was provided by his school and the lack of an opportunity for private lessons. Our teacher recognized the potential he had if he could get access to a better instrument and private instruction.

Solution:   SPAC provided him a professional grade violin with weekly private lessons in addition to the bi-weekly after-school group ensemble held at his school.

Impact:  Kayan will be an anchor in his school groups and this opportunity changes the trajectory of his future prospects.

Life Expectancy of Donation:  Life-long